Welcome to CJCurrie.net | What is this place?

This is where I aggregate my Unity3D development for fun and profit. It's a hub for Unity3D developers to learn, discuss, and contribute. A place to ask questions and find answers. A place to find out what’s going on in the game development community.


This website is under heavy development. When it is complete, it will be divided into six parts:

The forum is an open-ended discussion hub where users are encouraged to ask questions and give answers.

My blog is where I post bits of things I’m working on that others might find useful. Screenshots, bits of code, and opinions on the game development industry.

Game Dev News is a place where I'll post bits of industry information I think are neat.

Ask CJ is an FAQ of sorts. Submit a question to me and I’ll do my best to answer it. Each day I’ll pick the best questions and post them here for others to see.

The Google+ Hangout starts weeknights at 9pm Mountain Time. I’ll be here for at least an hour, just chilling out and working on some development project or another. Feel free to come by, say hi, and share what you're working on. Remember – weeknights at 9pm Mountain.

The Asset Bazaar is closed. Once I get a few more web techs ironed out, I will use this page as a portal to part with things I’ve made for small pittance.

Sign up for consultation or tutoring at this page. I have 5+ years’ experience with Unity development and almost as much in teaching and tutoring. Helping others get better at Unity3D has been my sole income for 3+ years now. Come here and make an appointment. Prices are affordable and negotiable. First 20 minutes are free.